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Employment  - Job openings for Scopists, Proofreaders, Transcriptionists, etc.  Post a free listing in our Employment Classifieds! Updated Daily! Your listing will also be sent via e-mail to subscribers of our Trade Leads program (info)! Visited regularly by hundreds of scopists and proofreaders nationwide! 

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Use this link to submit your inquiry! It will be sent to Participating Professional Scopists, Proofreaders and Audio Transcriptionists who are aggressively increasing their clientele right now, and you'll receive responses by e-mail or any other contact means you've indicated. Fill out one simple but comprehensive form to directly reach the member base. This form ensures your inquiry is not published in our classifieds section. Discreet Queries are free of charge!  

NOTE: Scopists, proofreaders and audio transcriptionists interested in this optional Premium Service can visit the Freelance Directory or use this link for more info: Click Here 

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Items for sale or trade related to court reporting, scoping and proofreading

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Items wanted related to court reporting, scoping and proofreading together in our brand new message board system!

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