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NOTE: This is a directory of forum sites on the 'net


CompuServe - Court Reporters Forum's Scopist Section - WEBMASTER'S CHOICE! Very Comprehensive - Court Reporters Chatboard - Reporter oriented, but with scopist input - Message Boards - Now includes a general discussion board.

Attorneys Forum - Legal Help and Law Discussion Forums


AAERT - American Assn. of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers - Electronic oriented

NCRA - National Court Reporters - Members only

NVRA - National Verbatim Reporters - Members only

USCRA - United States Court Reporters - Members only


ILCRA - Illinois Court Reporters - Reporter oriented

NYSCRA - New York State Court Reporters - Reporter oriented

TxCRA - Texas Court Reporters - Reporter oriented

VaCRA - Virginia Court Reporters - General topics

WiCRA - Wisconsin Court Reporters - Reporting related

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