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U.S. Dept. of Labor - Occupational Outlook for Court Reporters, Stenographers & Transcriptionists

NCRA's Online Seminars


- Practice -

NCRA's Online News Subsystem - Current news and information from the National Court Reporters Association.

Federal transcript guidelines with samples - from the U.S. Court Reporters Association.

- Technology -

Summation Offers an Alternative Realtime Solution (PDF) - Summation's press release for an exciting new product in '04 - a standalone local realtime ststem for court reporters which provides a scrolling text feed into counsels' browsers. Independent system, very affordable.

Summation's TranSendCR™Plus Now Available - Free of Charge - Digital transcript bundling and exhibit/document/image indexing, file encryption for e-mailing, and more for delivery to counsel using Summation products. Nice free tool.

RealLegal® E-Transcript™ - What's an E-Transcript? Find out here.

RealLegal's E-Transcript Viewer - Download their free viewer.

RealLegal® for Court Reporting - Comprehensive digital production for court reporting firms - an example of how computerized the profession has become.

- Law -

U.S. Courts Press Releases - The United States Courts' list of press releases and articles.

"Judicial technology opposed" - (AP) An October '96 press article from Houston, Texas describing opposition by court judges to recording systems in real-world applications, regardless of cost savings.

- Editorials -

"Format Standards" - by Gary D. Robson; a look at possible universal standards.

For Prospective Scopists:

Introduction to Scoping - For prospective scopists, or just the curious.  General overview, plus some important prerequisites, habits, etc.

Scopistry - An In-Depth Look at the Court Reporting and Scopist Profession

 - Specialty Books -

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