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US Courts (Federal):

Note: Check your district for Local Rules in addition to the overall federal guidelines.


Transcript Formats by State (USA)

Alaska Supreme Court:

Arizona Supreme Court:

Arkansas Court Reporters Board:

California Court Reporters Association:

Colorado Courts (full manual):

Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association:

Indiana Court:

Kansas Courts (full manual):

Louisiana Courts:

Michigan Courts:

New Jersey Court (Full Rules, including transcript format):

New York Courts:

Oregon Courts:

Pennsylvania Courts:

Tennessee Court (full Reporter's Manual):

Texas Courts:

Utah State Courts:


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Transcript Formats, Canada

British Columbia Courts:

BC - Alberta Courts:

Accounting & Finance: AICPA Glossary of Terms

Common Accounting Terms Quick Link via Investopedia:
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Aircraft & Aviation: Aircraft, Avionics, Aviation Glossary Air Traffic Management Glossary

Automotive & Transportation: Highway Terms US Highways Transportation Glossaries and Dictionaries Vehicle Testing Lab Glossary

Nautical Terms: Navy Sea, Air and Land Glossary Shipping Terms

Oil & Gas: Comprehensive Oilfield Glossary - from Schlumberger

Labor, Construction & Safety: Construction Glossary Construction Glossary(2)
Medical Terms: Anatomy Cervical Medicinal Chemistry Endocrinology Ocular & Glaucoma Pulmonary Hypertension Radiography
Other: Military Acronyms, Abbreviations

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