For Scopists, Proofreaders and Transcriptionists

Now you can purchase a subscription to Trade Leads from -- A Premium Service for scopists, proofreaders and audio transcriptionists who wish to build their clientele!

Eliminate Over 80 Percent of the Competition* Receive Almost Double the Prospects*

What it is:

Trade Leads, by, is an email-oriented employment & projects leads delivery service for serious scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists who want an advantage when it comes to getting work and finding clients.  

Trade Leads subscribers receive all employment listings placed at  Employment Classifieds (published) and Discreet Queries (nonpublished) are forwarded to subscribers via e-mail.

Trade Leads Subscriptions are useful for those who wish to start or grow a customer base, either locally or online. Hundreds of reporter-support providers have used this system to grow their business, access new markets and find new clients. Over 200 subscribers in our database on average.

The Discreet Query System: periodically receives inquiries looking for scopists, proofreaders and audio transcriptionists, many of which are from reporters who do not wish to have their inquiry posted publicly.

We've also found that some reporter-support providers would like to acquire additional work or clientele without being posted publicly on the 'net, like in our Freelance Directory.

To answer these needs, offers court reporters our Discreet Query service. Reporters have the ability to post discreet, nonpublished queries to a list of member scopists, proofreaders and audio transcriptionists who have enrolled in the Trade Leads program. The reporter will know their query is going to reporter-service providers who have purchased this premium service, thereby demonstrating their commitment to the profession, as well as a desire to acquire additional clientele. Reporters will know that this service provides direct e-mail contact with interested scopists, proofreaders and audio transcriptionists in a timely fashion.

To the scopist, proofreader or transcriptionist, this means you receive leads that are not available in our published Employment listings. 

* generally processes about as many unpublished Discreet Queries as we do published Employment Listings. This means Trade Leads subscribers have access to many more leads than readers who just browse our classifieds. Furthermore, competition for these jobs is limited to the subscriber base, not the whole Internet!

Employment Classifieds System:

Listings submitted for's Employment Classifieds are also forwarded through our Trade Leads system!   

How it Works:

Reporters fill out a quick, free, easy-to-use form which will generate their query - either to the Employment Classifieds or to the Discreet Query System. Trade Leads subscribers receive detailed information regarding position requirements, equipment needs, and specific services -- reporters can query for scopists, proofreaders, audio transcription support, or any combination thereof! Also specified are CAT system, audio backup requirements, local or Internet relationship, temporary or permanent relationship, and all pertinent contact information. For a complete list of parameters, you can view the reporters' query form directly: Click Here  

All queries are manually checked for content prior to mailing in an effort to avoid any abuse of the system, such as junk mail or other improper postings.

Trade Leads are broadcast to subscribers daily, as new leads become available.

How to Subscribe to Trade Leads:

Trade Leads subscriptions are offered as an annual service for the price of $19.95 (US) or a three-year service for the price of $39.95 (US). You can use the Order Form to order online with a credit card or e-check, or you can use the mail-in order form to mail in your order and pay by paper check. All job leads will be sent to the email address you provide in your order information.

Subscribe Online via PayPal - All major cards and e-checks accepted. No membership required.

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